Dunlavey Music Group was founded in early 2012 to help Montreal artists emerge from the local scene. Our company mainly guides artists through their career. We release and publish music we love and we occasionally promote concerts in Montreal QC, Canada. WE BELIEVE IN INNOVATION.

Simon Dunlavey (Founder and General Manager) is an experienced musician with an exceptional understanding of the youth culture and entertainment. Being in the music scene for more than a decade, he built an important network and liaised with different music industry connections such as TV networks, Radio, Venues and Press Agencies.

Singer, Songwriter, Musician. #POP #ROCK

A lifestyle, a philosophy, a state of mind. This summarizes Tom's vision on his melodic creations. Also known as the one-man band "Hopeland", Tom has been known within the scene for his unique higher pitched voice. While keeping a low profile for some time now, Tom says, "I have been somehow secretly working with top Montreal producers for over a year and a half, and I just can't wait to show people the final result."
Having performed on provincial Television, Hopeland has also performed at different notorious festivals which include the International Balloon Festival in St-Jean QC, Canada. Even though the debut EP is scheduled to be released in Spring 2013, radio stations in Canada, Belgium and France have already aired soon-to-be released songs. With the support of a music video, Hopeland's debut single "Times Of Our Lives" will clearly demonstrate what he is all about: Feeling the present moment.

TAKE MY LOVE (single), by Hopeland

GOODBYE (single), by Hopeland

ALL FOR MYSELF (single), by Amasic

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