Dunlavey Music Group was founded in early 2012 to help Montreal artists emerge from the local scene. Our company mainly guides artists through their career. We release and publish music we love and we occasionally promote concerts in Montreal QC, Canada. We believe in innovation!

Simon Dunlavey (Founder and General Manager) is an experienced musician with an exceptional understanding of the youth culture and entertainment. Being in the music scene for more than a decade, he built an important network and liaised with different music industry connections such as TV networks, Radio, Venues and Press Agencies.

Singer, Songwriter, Musician. #POP #ROCK

Hope: This is what Montreal based singer Tom is aiming for. Not only does it summarize the message through his melodic creations, but it also manifests his state of mind. With the help of Montreal top producers (Gautier Marinof, Luc Tellier, John Nataniel & The Lost Boys), Hopeland's debut EP came to life in late 2013 blending pop, rock and hope.

The initial single "Goodbye" made its mark on major radio stations and reached #18 on BDS Top25 Pop Rock in September 2013 (Quebec, Canada). Hopeland's follow-up single "Take My Love" produced by The Lost Boys (Trace Cyrus, The Mission District) has also made the charts, reaching #58 on BDS Top100 (Quebec, Canada). Having participated in charity events on many occasions, Tom is always willing to contribute to important causes, such as Leucan and Operation Enfant Soleil. After acquiring experience on stage, Hopeland was invited to perform live on Musique Plus TV. Among the many concerts, Tom also performed at different notorious festivals which included the International Balloon Festival in St-Jean QC, Canada.

Most recently, Hopeland has crossed the border and has started to export his talent to the United States. As a result, a licensing agreement was secured with the MTV Network and multiple songs were selected for TV placement considerations. A first trip to Los Angeles in May 2014 was also successful. Tom was introduced to influential producers and was invited to come back a few months later to participate in various songwriting sessions. The process of composing a second album has already started. The future, which consists of working in the studio both in Montreal and L.A., looks promising.

TIME OF OUR LIVES (single), by Hopeland

TAKE MY LOVE (single), by Hopeland

GOODBYE (single), by Hopeland

ALL FOR MYSELF (single), by Amasic

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